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Art from the heart.

When I was a kiddo my mom had a certain bed sheet that I coveted. It was a gift from her brother and since she no longer slept in a twin size bed, I figured she didn’t need it anymore….

But Why?

When I was a kid I was pretty shy. To the extreme of …I’d rather go home sick than through the lunch line at school because you had to tell the hair netted ladies what you wanted on your plate….

Naturally Cool…Yaupon Holly

  PLANT YAUPON HOLLY TO ATTRACT BIRDS  AND BEES TO YOUR GARDEN. Ilex Vomitoria (Yaupon Holly) is a native tree to Flagler county which produces inconspicuous white flowers in spring and scarlet red berries in fall.  Many birds rely on the…

In my Belly…Beachside Bake Shop

Happy Halloween! In honor of all the sweets being handed out to goblins, trolls and Elsa’s,  I figured it would be a perfect time to feature the new local bakery, Beachside Bake Shop.  A small spot of delicious located right…

Local Color: Becky Pourchot…the Author

There’s just a teeny weeny bit of pressure when you are writing about a writer.  However, my anxiety is able to take a calm exhale knowing that she is a genuinely lovely person, even if she is secretly judging me…